Corner-Auger Grain Carts

From start to finish, harvest goes smoother with a Brent grain cart. Harvest efficiency is pushed to the max with 1,200 plus to 500 bushel capacities with unloading speeds up to 625 bushels per minute. The corner-auger cart design means 100 percent unloading visibility from the tractor cab. When you're ready for the best, you're ready for Brent.


    Auger Features:

    • The auger’s corner positioning means 100 percent visibility from the tractor seat.
    • Rear-folding design allows the greatest upward, outward and forward reach of any single-auger grain cart
    • Electronic balancing of the upper and lower augers, along with the spring-loaded upper bearing,lower hanger bearing virtually eliminates vibration for long-term auger life.
    • Utilization of the newest hydraulic-system technology allows the auger to fold and unfold at industry-leading speed.
    • When extended, a lock-valve secures the auger in position with a positive seal for a leak-free joint.
    • The auger tucks compactly under the side of the cart for ease of transport and storage.
    • The lower auger is housed in a deep sump and constructed with “leaned” double flighting for greater grain-carrying capacity.

    Exclusively on the 82 Series Models

    • The patented, self-aligning, rubber-cushioned Soft-Start auger mechanism ensures a smooth and complete engagement of the upper and lower augers at start-up for reduced stress and longer driveline life.
    • The model 1282’s “turbo-charged” unloading auger features a fully recessed 22”-diameter lower auger that feeds a 20”-diameter upper auger for unloading speed of up to 625 bushels per minute.
    • Upper and lower high-volume 20”-diameter augers on models 1182, 1082 and 882 deliver unloading speeds up to 500 bushels per minute.
    • The 18”-diameter auger on the model 782 moves grain at up to 450 bushels per minute.
    • Turret-style downspout with 60-degree rotation on models 1282, 1082, 882 & 782 for the greatest side-to-side directional control
    • Model 1182 features a 4-way downspout with 60° of left/right movement and 20° of front/back movement for the most flexible unloading control
    • 1/2” thick ultra-edge flighting in the sump portion provides more steel at the outer edge where the greatest wear occurs for extended life.


    Chassis Features:

    • Cast 2" single-tang hitch with smooth chamfer opening allows the cart to follow the terrain for smooth trailing. Bushings to match other appropriate hitch pin sizes are included
    • Graphite-coated interior and fully recessed auger sump intake ensure fast and complete unloading
    • Two-position axle on models 1082, 882 & 782 to match load weight to your needs. The rearward setting enhances in-field control; the forward setting lightens the tongue load
    • An optional width-adjustable axle is available on models 1182, 1082, 882 & 782 to match your cropping practices
    • Walking tandem duals available on model 1282 allows the cart to easily "walk" over obstacles
    • The axle's two-position height adjustability means the cart stays level and tongue weight is optimized while accommodating a variety of tractor and cart wheel and tire sizes
    • A wide variety of undercarriage options including high-flotation singles, duals and tracks are available
    • The 2-bogie Equalizer tracked undercarriage features a 42" wide by 128" track size, 8° of side-to-side camber, 20° of front-to-back pivot and standard auto greaser.  Available on models 1282 and 1182
    • Other tracked undercarriage option features steel end wheels and hydraulic cushioning for smoother trailing and optimum flotation. The track size for the 1282 & 1182 is 36" wide by 148" long or 36" x 128" long for model 1082
    • Durable primer undercoat, oven-baked enamel topcoat of tractor red or green and silicone-sealed seams resist corrosion for a long-lasting "new" look.
    • The exclusive Brent manufacturing process features sleek, waveless sides for added strength.
    • Field-proven 4-1/2" bolt-on spindles with 50-ton rating are manufactured with special-alloy, high-tensile strength steel.
    • 10-bolt hubs feature gusseted reinforcement for longer life and the greatest carrying capacity.
    • The heavy-wall tubular steel main frame and axle, 12-gauge steel shell and 8-gauge steel underframe carry the heaviest loads with ease.


    Features for Operator Convenience:

    • A highly visible, graphical auger-position indicator shows the exact location of the auger as it folds and unfolds.
    • Hydraulically-operated 36” flow gate with highly visible position indicator for controlling grain flow.
    • The wheel-operated cleanout door is easily closed and locked in place for a leak-free positive seal - lever operated on 678 and 576
    • The cleanout door also can be locked open for easy pit dumping and cleanout.
    • Nighttime unloading visibility is enhanced with high-intensity halogen lighting on the auger. 82 series carts feature interior mounted light and dual auger lights and one inside the cart that turn on automatically with the tractor’s lights.
    • The hydraulic hose storage holder, plus color-coded and labeled hydraulic hoses, mean a more convenient hookup and extended hose life.
    • The electrical socket storage holder keeps connectors clean and free from corrosion.
    • The easy-to-operate side-wind jack makes for convenient hitching and unhitching.
    • D.O.T.-approved L.E.D. red and flashing amber taillights and reflective striping are highly visible to oncoming traffic.
    • Weatherguard rollover tarps with arched end-caps provide added protection of your harvested crop. Standard on model 1282 and 1182 and optional on other models.


    A complete harvest data management solution, UHarvest is the first ever system offered on either a tablet or ISO screen for a complete touchscreen interface that's easy to use for anyone in your operation!  With UHarvest Data Management, not only can you record your grain cart load weights, you can track every detail regarding your crops, trucks, destinations and even DRY bushel count.  The UHarvest Lite scale system offers complete ISOBUS grain cart scale operation for quick, convenient and accurate field weighing capability.

    UHarvest Data Management system features

    • Complete Touch-Screen Operation — Easy-to-use operation from your tractor’s ISOBUS virtual terminal screen or touch-screen tablet, or both
    • Accu-Save Data Recording — Automatically records data for each load
    • Grower, Farm, Field Information — Log your harvest by grower, farm and field for detailed reporting
    • Truck And Destination Site Identification — Easily log bushels by trucks and destinations
    • Combine Verify — Easily use grain cart to assist in calibrating the combine yield monitor with one touch
    • Hitch Weight Management — Monitor load distribution during cart loading
    • USB Data Management — Easily copy UHarvest data for use in your home computer
    • Multiple User Access — Full data access available to multiple users within 400 feet of UHarvest processor
    • UHarvest Cloud Solution Powered By Slingshot® — Slingshot is a secure, web-based data management system that enables you to save and see your harvest data from anywhere
    • The UHarvest mobile app allows you to easily send your harvest data to Slingshot from your mobile device

    UHarvest Data Management system options

    • Moisture Sense Technology — Convert grain weight to dry bushels for precise harvest record keeping
    • Accu-Load Technology — Automatic grain cart unloading and shutoff at desired off-load weight

    UHarvest Lite system features

    • ISOBUS connectivity for displaying your grain cart scale system on your tractors virtual terminal eliminating the need for an added scale display
    • Displays weight, date and time
    • Combine verify feature allows you to easily calibrate your combine yield monitor
    • Accu-Save feature automatically registers each load and displays your most recent 400 loading events on the virtual terminal
    • Hitch-weight monitoring for easily managing load balance between cart and tractor
    • Works with any brand of ISOBUS virtual terminal monitor

    Visit for complete information pertaining the UHarvest system. 


    Scale Packages:

    • Model 410 unit is specifically designed for ease of use and maximum productivity while providing key features. The patent-pending START/STOP button makes using and training others quickly. The 410 indicator also provides the ability to:
      • Assign, view and change six character field information
      • Accumulate weights within a field
    • The model 520 features a patent-pending rotational sensor that automatically logs what is unloaded for ease of use.  The large, 26-character display provides more detailed harvest information such as:
      • Combine CHECK button to help calibrate the combine’s yield monitor
      • Alpha-numeric keyboard for easily editing or changing field information
      • Accumulation of weights per field entry
      • Ability to download field information from your computer to the scale monitor and then back to the computer
      • Stores a complete season’s harvest data in the monitor’s memory
      • Included 1GB USB flash drive permits easy transferring of data
      • Included PC software allows the computer to capture the data and then organizes it into reports in Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF format.
      • Available with optional Auto-Unload package for automatically unloading a predetermined amount of grain into the trucks or wagons.  Individual trucks can programmed into the scale's memory to only unload what the truck can hold.

      Weatherguard Tarps:

      • Weatherguard tarps feature heavy-duty 18-oz canvas and powder-coated bulkheads for long life
      • Semi-trailer type locking design for optimum protectin from wind and high moisture
      • Entire roll-over operation performed from ground - no straps required
      • Pre-located holes in sideboards for easy customer installation
      • Tarp is standard on model 1282 & 1182

      Hydraulic Drive Options:

    • For tractors wtihout a P.T.O. all corner-auger models can be converted to hydraulic drives that match your tractor's hydraulic output
    • All are tongue-mounted with highly visible pressure gauge for ensuring peak unloading performance and depending on cart model, are available in:
    • 55 G.P.M. - Dual port with output of up to 300 bu/mn.
    • 105 G.P.M - Triple port with output of up to 400 bu/mn.
    • Auto Greaser for tracked undercarriage provides consistent lubrication at regular intervals throughout the day to all main pivoting points for easier maintenance. Provides up to 160 hours worth of greasing and is powered through tractor's electrical system


    Model Number 1282 w/ Tracks
    36" x 148"
    1282 1182 42"x131" Equalizer Track 1182 1050/50x32 Single Tire 1082
    36"x128" Track
    1082 882 782 678 576

    *Bushel capacities were measured with #2 corn at 15% moisture (56 lb. test weight)

    Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.

    Capacity, Bushels* 1200 1100 1000+ 840 750 630 550
    Auger Size 22"-20" Turbo 20" 20" 20" 18" 17" 14"
    Unloading Speed (bu/min.) 625 500 500 500 450 400 300
    Hitch Type Single Single (clevis avail.) Single (clevis avail.) Single (clevis avail.) Single (clevis avail.) Single (clevis avail.) Single (clevis avail.)
    Approx. Empty Weight (lbs.)  22,850 20,500 20,590 13,250 18,820 12,280 11,480 8,740 8,100 6,500
    Approx. Tongue Weight Loaded (lbs.)  5,000 4,960 6,550 / 4,710 5,750 / 4,160 4,990 / 3,510 3,590 3,210
    Minimum Tractor H.P. Requirements  200+ 200+ 200+ 180+ 150+ 140+ 130+
    A 18' 16'7" 17'1" / 16'7" 17'1" / 16'7" 14'7" / 14'1" 13'4" 13'4"
    B 6'4" 2'2" 2'2" 2'2" 3'4" 4'6" 5'5"
    C 24'11" 21'6" 21'6" 21'6" 16'5" 14'1" 11'7"
    D 31'2" 29'5" 29'5" 29'5" 26'1" 23'6" 21'9"
    E 13'4" 14'7" 14'9" 14'8" 14'1" 12'8" 13'9"
    F 8'8" 8'10" 10' 10' 10' 7'9" 7'3"
    G 12'5" 12'5" 12'7" 11'8" 12'1" 11'2" 11'7"
    H 11'9" 11'5" 11'7" 10'10" 10'5" 10'4" 10'9"
    I 1'1" 1'4" 1'6" 1'5" 1'5" 1'2" 1'6"
    J - Tracks 11' 5' / 9'11 singles 10'6"   10'6"   10' 10' 10' 10'
    J - Duals 5'                  
    J - Singles 9'11"     11'4"   11'4"        
    K - Tracks   - / 14'1" singles 14'   13'6"   12'6" 12'6" 12'2" 12'
    K - Duals                    
    K - Singles 14'11"     14'11"   14'4"        
    L 11'10"   13'5" 13'5" 12' 12' 12'
    M 11'10" 13' 11'10" 11'10" 11'10" 11'6" 11'6"
    N 9'9" 10'   10'6" 15' 15' 15' 15' -
    O 12'9" 11'10"   13'6" 16'6" 16'6" 16'6" 16'6" -
    Loaded Ground Pressure P.S.I. (bar)
    Tracks 11.25/13.72   10.94        
    480/80x46 Duals     17.62        
    420/80x46 Duals       18.32 15.89 13.81  
    380/90x46 Duals     24.73        
    420/80x46 Duals           27.63  
    520/85x42 Duals 18.00   15.31 13.09 11.35    
    480/80x42 Duals       15.70 13.62 11.84  
    520/85x38 Duals 18.78            
    20.8x38         24..44    
    76/50.00x32 17.00   15.24        
    1050/50x32     16.80        
    35.5x32     18.27 15.70 13.61    
    900/60x32     24.89 21.28 18.44    
    30.5x32       23.41 20.30 17.65 15.13
    24.5x32       28.19 24.44 21.26 18.21
    28Lx26             18.21
    23.1x26             20.29