Avalanche® Grain Carts 96-Series

Introducing the Brent® Avalanche® 96 Series dual-auger grain carts from Unverferth that set new standards for unloading speed, convenience and durability – the features that count most when it comes to measuring grain cart value and harvest efficiency.



    • Unload in under two minutes for quickly returning to the combine
    • Standard multi-directional downspout for easily loading a semi in two stops, saving wear and tear on the tractor's drivetrain
      • Optional, three-function control on 1396 and 1196 operates downspout left/right, downspout in/out auger pivot up/down 
      • Standard, five-function on models 2096 and 1596 adds auger raise/lower and flow door open/close
    • The exclusive drivetrain design on Avalanche grain carts combines a belt drive for the 20" horizontal auger and a heavy-duty direct-drive 90-degree gearbox for the vertical
    • Belt-drive features dual, four-strand belts and dual spring-loaded tensioners for long life and easy maintenance
    • The 20" horizontal auger feeds the 22" (24" on 2096) vertical for optimum speed, even with high-moisture grain
    • Quick-couple 1000 RPM P.T.O. shaft with overrunning friction clutch helps protect driveline
    • Floor auger can be manually disengaged if needed
    • Pivoting unloading auger provides precise grain placement with over five feet of height adjustability
    • Extendable reach of up to 8'11" from the cart makes unloading faster without repositioning the cart
    • Auger tube features a rub guard for preventing accidental tube damage
    • Self-aligning, indexed flighting ensures the fastest, continuous flow
    • 1/2”-thick flighting in the forward portion of the horizontal auger and lower portion of the vertical auger for longer flighting life



    • Reinforced gusset design, tubular steel mainframe, 12-gauge steel shell and special-alloy, stress-resistant steel spindles add to longer life and durability
    • Rubber-cushioned tongue suspension provides smoother ride over the roughest terrain.
    • Primer undercoat and baked-on enamel finish in choice of red or green aid with corrosion resistance
    • Standard transport chain for greater safety

    Undercarriage Options

    • Walking-tandem duals for models 1396 and 1196 trail easily through the field and feature independent operation from front to rear for smoother maneuverability over rough terrain
      • Wheels can be adjusted to match 30-inch or 36-inch row spacings
      • The hinged, swing-out wheel assembly greatly simplifies maintenance
    • Tracked undercarriage for fighting compaction
      • Steel wheels provide true-tracking performance, reducing maintenance needs
      • Hydraulic cushioning for smoother operation
      • Extra wide 36" belt delivers a smoother ride, optimum maneuverability and minimal berming during turns
      • Track sizes of 3' x 10'8" on 1196, and 3' x 12'4" on 2096, 1596, 1396 and 1196
    • Equalizer Track System
      • Industry-leading 42" wide belt with a footprint of 60 sq/ft
      • Exclusive belt design with shallow tread belt pattern for greater flotation
      • Patent-pending pivot allowing bi-directional rotation of the track for better contact on uneven terrain
      • Hydraulic belt tensioning adjustment for easier track alignment
      • Available on 1,300-bushel and larger grain carts 
    • Single, high-flotation wheels for reducing compaction are available on models 1396 and 1196
      • The inset of the cart's design allows the wheels to be closer to the body for a low center of gravity, and a narrow 12' transport width
    • Self-steering tandems are available for both models 2096 and 1596
      • All four wheels automatically turn in unison with the tractor for enhanced maneuverability
      • The oscillating tandems keep all four wheels on the ground to keep the weight spread out evenly for increased flotation
      • For easy backing and tight turns, the hydraulic overdrive can be actuated by the operator and includes an incremental gauge for determining wheel direction
      • Model 2096 features Para-Link independent suspension from front to rear for ideal cart control
    • Auto-greaser system provides lubrication to all pivoting joints throughout the day for easier maintenance and longer life.  Optional on standard tracked undercarriages and steerable tandems.  Standard wtih Equalizer Track system


    Operator Convenience

    • All Brent Avalanche grain carts include rollover tarp for protecting the contents
    • Easy-to-operate auger stand on 1596, 1396 and 1196 provides in-field position for auger, resulting in quicker raising and lowering
    • High-intensity LED lamps mounted inside the tank and on the auger, make nighttime unloading easy
    • The steep floor slopes and recessed floor auger provide fast, clean unloading during use
    • The vertical auger's cleanout door also allows for convenient pit dumping
    • Rear, one-point opening hinged cleanout panels for easily cleaning out between crops
    • Front and rear windows along with a front ladder make for convenient load checking and rear-viewing ease when the cart is empty
    • The unloading auger fits completely within the cart's width for transport and storage ease
    • Hydraulic hoses feature color-coded labels for easy identification and store conveniently within reach at the cart's front


    A complete harvest data management solution, UHarvest is the first ever system offered on either a tablet or ISO screen for a complete touchscreen interface that's easy to use for anyone in your operation!  Not only can you record your grain cart load weights, you can track every detail regarding your crops, trucks, destinations and even DRY bushel count.

    UHarvest system base features

    • Complete Touch-Screen Operation — Easy-to-use operation from your tractor’s ISOBUS virtual terminal screen or touch-screen tablet, or both
    • Accu-Save Data Recording — Automatically records data for each load
    • Grower, Farm, Field Information — Log your harvest by grower, farm and field for detailed reporting
    • Truck And Destination Site Identification — Easily log bushels by trucks and destinations
    • Combine Verify — Easily use grain cart to assist in calibrating the combine yield monitor with one touch
    • Hitch Weight Management — Monitor load distribution during cart loading
    • USB Data Management — Easily copy UHarvest data for use in your home computer
    • Multiple User Access — Full data access available to multiple users within 400 feet of UHarvest processor
    • UHarvest Cloud Solution Powered By Slingshot® — Slingshot is a secure, web-based data management system that enables you to save and see your harvest data from anywhere

    UHarvest system optional features

    • Moisture Sense Technology — Convert grain weight to dry bushels for precise harvest record keeping
    • Accu-Load Technology — Automatic grain cart unloading and shutoff at desired off-load weight


    Visit uharvest.net for complete information pertaining the UHarvest system. 



    • 5.6" color monitor allows for highly visible monitoring of loading and unloading.
    • Cameras can be side and rear mounted.

    Scale Packages

    • Model 410 unit, standard on the 2096 and 1596, optional on 1396 and 1196, is designed for ease of use and maximum productivity while providing key features. The patent-pending START/STOP button makes using and training others quickly. The 410 indicator also provides the ability to:
      • Assign, view and change six character field information
      • Accumulate weights within a field
    • The model 520 features a patent-pending rotational sensor that automatically logs what is unloaded for ease of use.  The large, 26-character display provides more detailed harvest information such as:
      • Combine CHECK button to help calibrate the combine’s yield monitor
      • Alpha-numeric keyboard for easily editing or changing field information
      • Accumulation of weights per field entry
      • Ability to download field information from your computer to the scale monitor and then back to the computer
      • Stores a complete season’s harvest data in the monitor’s memory
      • Included 1GB USB flash drive permits easy transferring of data
      • Included PC software allows the computer to capture the data and then organizes it into reports in Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF format.
      • Available with optional Auto-Unload package for automatically unloading a predetermined amount of grain into the trucks or wagons.  Individual trucks can programmed into the scale's memory to only unload what the truck can hold.

    Additional Accessories

    • Three-function control on 1396 and 1196 operates downspout left/right, downspout in/out auger pivot up/down
    • Electric rolling of Weatherguard tarp provides in-cab operational convenience
    • Hydraulic brakes for the 2096 and 1596 with steerable tandem undercarriage for enhanced towing
    • Auto Greaser for tracked undercarriage and steerable tandem wheels provides consistent lubrication at regular intervals throughout the day to all main pivoting points for easier maintenance. Provides up to 160 hours worth of greasing for tracks and 60 hours for steerable tandems and is powered through tractor's electrical system


    Model 2096 1596 1396 1196

    Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.

    Capacity- bushels (mt) 2,000 (51) 1,500 (38) 1,300 (33) 1,100 (28)
    Unloading Speed - bu/mn (mt/min) 1,000 (25.4) 850 (21.6) 850 21.6) 850 (21.6)
    Appx. Empty Weight, Wheeled- lbs. (kg) 32,700 (14,832) 25,200 (11,430) 18,975 (8607) 15,950 (7233)
    Appx. Empty Weight, Tracks - lbs. (kg) 33,640 (15,258) 28,935 (13,124) 25,795 (11,700) 23,415 (10,620)
    Appx. Empty Tongue Weight -lbs. (kg) 4,000 (1814) 3,800 (1723) 3,550 (1610) 3,380 (1533)
    Appx. Loaded Tongue Weight - lbs.(kg) 6,000 (2722) 5,500 (2495) 5,375 (2438) 5,200 (2395)
    Overall Width (m) 13'11" ( 4.24) 12'2" (3.66) 12'2" (3.66) 12'2" (3.66)
    Overall Length (m) 37'10" (11.53) 34'2" (10.41) 30'10" (9.40) 30'10" (9.40)
    Transport Height (m) 12' (3.66) 12'9" (3.89) 12'8" (3.86) 12'2" (3.71)
    Height Loading Side (m) 11' (3.35) 11'5" (3.48) 11'4" (3.45) 10'10" (3.30)
    Auger Height - Adj. (m)

    10'11" - 16'6"

    10'4" 15'5"
    10'4" 15'5"
    10'4" 15'5"
    Auger Reach - Adj. (m) Up to 8'11" (2.72) Up to 8'10" (2.69) Up to 8'10" (2.69) Up to 8'10" (2.69)
    Vertical Auger Diameter (m) 24" (.61) 22" (.56) 22" (.56) 22" (.56)
    Horizontal Auger Diameter (m) 20" (.51) 20" (.51) 20" (.51) 20" (.51)
    Min. Tractor H.P. Requirements 4WD - 400+ 300+ 250+ 225+
    Loaded Ground Pressure P.S.I. (bar)
    11'x3' Tracks (kgf/mm²) - - - 12.66 (.89)
    14' x 3' Tracks (kgf/mm²) 18.60 (1.30) 14.03 (.99) 13.29 (.93) 10.00 (.70)
    520/85x38 Walking Tandem Duals (kgf/mm²) - -   19.80 (1.39)
    520/85x42 Walking Tandem Duals (kgf/mm²) - - 24.06 (.1.69) 18.78 (1.32)
    650/65x42 Walking Tandem Duals (kgf/mm²) - - 22.34 (1.57) 17.06 (1.19)
    900/60x38 Steerable Tandem (kgf/cm²) 27.39 (1.92) - - -
    35.5x32 Steerable Tandem (kgf/cm²) - 15.28 (1.07) - -
    900/60x32 Steerable Tandem (kgf/cm²) - 20.61 (1.45) - -
    30.5x32 Steerable Tandem (kgf/cm²) - 23.87 (1.68) - -
    1050/50x32 Singles (kgf/cm²) - - - 21.28 (1.49)
    76.50.00x32 Singles (kgf/cm²) - - 22.0 (1.54) 17.86 (1.26)