Grain Train® Wagons 57- and 57Q-Series

When it comes to wagon designs, count on the Brent name to lead in productivity-enhancing innovations. This tradition continues with the new 57- and 57Q-series Grain Train wagons.  With the innovative door wheel on the 757, 657 and 557 that quickly adjusts to left- or right-side unloading to the 757Q, 657Q and 557Q with push-button operated unloading door,  Brent Grain Train wagons will make your harvest quicker and smoother from start to finish.


    • Door opening is 60" wide x 14" tall for faster unloading
    • Gas-strut lift-assist unloading chute with spring-loaded position-locking mechanism
    • Unloading chute height is adjustable from 15" to 18" with deflector for center or side unloading flexibility
    • Steep-sloped sides with graphite-coated interior helps move even the wettest grain
    • High-intensity halogen floodlight above the unloading door for nighttime unloading
    • Left-side unloading standard; right-side unloading optional
    • 757, 657 and 557 feature a patent-pending door wheel that can be operated from the right- or left side and can be changed in seconds. 
    • 757, 657 and 557 in the Q-series features exclusive push-button unloading with switches conveniently located at the front and rear of the box
    • Connections are color coded and labelled for easy attachment


    • Load-equalizing torsion-bar rear axle design, coupled with front rocking arm bolster keep the wagon level and stable
    • Heavy-duty, oil-bath hubs and high-alloy steel spindles for years of dependable service
    • Dual, corner-mounted rubber cushioned box mounting
    • Patented UltraSteer chassis design for tighter turning radius and greater maneuverability
    • Standard hydraulic-surge drum brakes provide the ultimate in stopping power and long-term dependability
    • Full-length, one-piece center-line reach tube for true trailing of multiple units



    •  Tongue features spring-lift assist and easy-grip handle for easily extending tongue during hookup
    •  Patented retractable wiring harness and safety chain
    •  The electrical receptacle features color-coded wiring for quick connections
    •  Front and side viewing windows and front-mounted ladder for convenient load checking
    •  High-intensity halogen floodlight above the unloading door for nighttime unloading
    • Rear connections for electrical and transport chain, and hydraulics on the Q-series, provide quick attachment of multiple units



    • Molded plastic fenders with side marker lights protect the finish from rock chips and other debris
    • A wide variety of wheel and tire size options, including duals, are available, depending on model
    • The easy-to-operate Weatherguard rollover tarp is constructed of 18-ounce canvas to keep load contents safe from the weather. And, all holes are pre-drilled for easy installation.
    • The tarp has an automatic self-locking device that keeps it securely in place during transport without the need for additional straps or buckles
    • Optional electric tarp operation for all 57Q-series Grain Train wagons
    • A rear viewing ladder can be added for more convenient load checking
    • All models can be fitted with unloading augers or conveyors for material-handling versatility
    • Conveyors feature cleated belts with tight side tolerance for fast, gentle unloading, even on steep inclines
    • Auger options include plastic or steel tubes and brush, stainless steel, cupped plastic or cupped steel flighting
    • Available single-tang hitch with 20-degree ball swivel
    • Q-series wagons can be outfitted with wireless remote for door opening that includes remote operation of optional electric-operated rollover tarp


    Model   757 and 757Q* 657 and 657Q* 557 and 557Q

    *Please check local weight and towing regulations when pulling the 757, 657 757Q or 657Q individually or in tandem.

    **Capacities measured with #2 corn 15% moisture (56 pound test weight)

    Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.

    Capacity** 750 bushels 650 bushels 550 bushels
    Length 17' 6" 16' 9" 15' 7"
    Width 9' 6" 9' 9'
    Height 10' 9" 10' 5" 10'
    Front/Rear Slope 36° 37° 40°
    Back Slope 32° 32° 32°
    Door Width/Height 60"/14" 60"/14" 60"/14"
    Chute Height - Adj. 15" - 18" 15" - 18" 15" - 18"
    Unloading Time 90 sec. 80 sec. 70 sec.
    Spindle Size 3.5" 3.5" 3.25"
    Hub Size 10-bolt 10-bolt 8-bolt
    Wheel Size: Singles 13x22.5 13x22.5 13x22.5
    Wheel Size: Duals 9x22.5 --- ----
    Turning Radius 6' (8' duals) 6' 5' 9"
    Wheel Base 12' 12' 10'11"
    Track Width Singles 7'5" 7'5" 7'1"
    Duals 9'7" - -
    Overall Tire Width Singles 8'8" 8'8" 8'5"
    Duals 10'3" - -
    Turning Radius Singles 8' 8' 7'9"
    Duals 10' - -
    Approx. Weight 7,370 lbs. 7,130 lbs. 5,890 lbs.